Let’s pedaling round freely!!

From 6 years old children can also have MTB experience in beauty of Japan.
We will provide our rental equipment for the visitor who does not participate.

*MTB Rental*

MTB tour participate
※Protection equipment include(helmet, gloves, Knee and Elbow Pads)
Hard Tail 1 day 1,500 yen
2 days 2,000 yen
Full Suspension 1 day 2,500 yen
2 days 3,000 yen
※Helmet include
Hard Tail 2h 2,000 yen
4h 3,000 yen
1 day 4,000 yen
Full Suspension 2h 3,000 yen
4h 4,500 yen
1 day 5,500 yen
※ There is a limited number of full suspension mountain bike hire, so reservation is not taken. For those who would like full suspension bike, please ask our staff at reception.
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*Helmet* 1 day 1,000 yen
*Protector* 1 day 500 yen
*Gloves* 1 day 600 yen