Sorry, We are planning the Tour & School Menu now.

All tours is outdoor sports in the nature. We ask that participants will act at your own risk.

  • All the members required to sign liability waiver on the day you participate.
  • A person younger than 18 years old required the signature of guardians.
  • No alcohol drinking allowed during our tour.
  • Depending on your health condition on the day, we may refuse participation.
Participation qualification Healthy persons who can ride a bicycle six years or older
Please confirm the requirement for each of tour plans.
The cancellation charge We charge cancellation fee as below, the cancellation for personal circumstances
A week before
5 days before
2 days before
The day before
The day
We don’t charge the cancellation fee due to natural disaster risk or our circumstances.
And we don’t pay any expenses back except our tour fee as traveling fee and any other fee.
What to bring
  • Clothes and shoes which may get dirty
  • Pair of sneakers(Athletic shoes)
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Elbow and Knee Pads
  • MTB
  • Rain
  • Rainwear
※There is a limited number of full suspension mountain bike hire, so reservation is not taken. For those who would like full suspension bike, please ask our staff at reception.
Useful things
  • Drinks
  • Sunglasses
  • Backpack
  • Towel